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We provide good games of a high quality & unique design. Chiang Rai , Thailand
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  • PikoSmash is a crazy whack-a-mole game and you must hit the Piko with Poki hammer, but be careful to avoid some kind of Piki.You wil get reactions. If you stikes Piku The Golden muscle, and you lose the game if you are out of energy.

    In addition, there are also have Piku Piki Piko friends try it, each of which is not the same tingle Sub. Although the shapes are not the same. The capabilities are not the same, but it’s a similar habit.

  • future of interactive storytelling.
    We are building a media with the next major evolution in interaction dynamics.

    Our friends has worked on mobile applications and games in the past, delivering good quality products to our clients. We’ve conquered it.

  • Art outsourcing providing high quality digital Art for the entertainment and video game industry.

    With a broad range of services including illustration, 3D modeling ,User Interface, animation and unity.

Coming Soon

We are now developing main project. It’s Piko Smash: Casual Wrack a mole’s the quality and charm. We engaged in test and I want everyone love it like we love, so please wait a moment. 😛

coming soon

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What is Monjin Friends?.

Monjin Friends is a design agency founded in early 2016 and is based in Chiang Rai, Thailand. We make award-winning mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

We are fond of beautiful things and smooth user-experience and that is what we aim for in our apps. We strive to aim for design and look and feel at its very best.